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Kimmidolls large- Kimmidoll Hasumi (Graceful)

Images copyright Boxtree Gallery
10.5 x 6.3 cm
Large Kimmidolls - Kimmidoll Hasumi (Graceful) My spirit is poised and dignified. By approaching life with dignity and poise you reveal my spirit. May your graceful ways bring a sense of calm serenity to even the most challenging circumstances.... Kimmidolls are collectable dolls expressing lifes true value..... Kimmidoll and Kimmidoll Junior are fast becoming one of the most collectable dolls in the UK dont miss on Kimmidoll Keyrings,Stationery ,Jewellery all at great prices.... Kimmidolls are similar to the Japanese Kokeshi dolls which have been given as good wishes dolls for hundreds of years... Kimmidolls follow on from this idea with a modern twist.