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Worry Dolls -4 Little Worry Dolls boxed

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Worry Dolls
Worry Dolls...Four little dolls from Personnitas come in a little box together with a drawstring pouch. Box and colours may vary. A South America legend says: tells your worries to a worry doll before you go to bed. Put them under your pillow in their bag and in the morning all your worries have gone. The dolls are used right across South America ...every little girl has her Worry Dolls. Everyone involved in the making of these dolls has a real working wage. Children are not involved with the production. Most of the team are related to Maria Pilar within one village community in the Cauca province, in the south-west of Colombia, known for its artisan crafts.Image shows 5 dolls but only 4 supplied in the box These are not suitable for children under 36 months,contains small parts each box is CE marked